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Fun Family gathering at Cardfields

Family photo in front of house

The sun was shining over the May Bank holiday weekend and Cardfields hosted a family gathering for Annabel West.

The family once again enjoyed spending time at Cardfields in the glorious grounds and made use of all the facilities available to them. Being the second year back at Cardfields, Annabel and her family have already planned to return in 2019.

The children enjoyed the open space and “Lena and Evelyn” had joys of naming all the Cardfields chickens on-site such as “Dave the Cockerel, Toffee, Ginie, Lola, Stormy, Snowy and Star!

Annabel stated “Thanks so much for having us stay at the weekend – it was pretty much perfect! The weather was so lovely, the flowers looked and smelt gorgeous and we relaxed, caught up whilst the kids played. We are looking forward to returning next year.”

To book you stay at Cardfields for any family gathering or special event please contact Cardfields.