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Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School enjoy a night in the Essex Countryside

Climbing frame in garden

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (EGA) School return to Cardfields for an overnight stay in the beautiful Essex countryside and enjoyed the space, facilities, and freedom that Cardfields offer.

Gaby Collen, Head of PE at EGA School stated “Another great experience at Cardfields! We love being able to get into the countryside and enjoy the space and land that we have to roam and be free! We are always greeted with a warm welcome by Elaine and her fantastic staff and they make us feel at home. The opportunity this gives to our students at EGA is phenomenal as most of our students have never left the city. Some learn how to ride a bike, others get to make new friends with students they didn’t know before. Thanks again for another great weekend!”

To book your stay contact Cardfields or 01245 380371.