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St Andrew’s (Barnsbury) C.E. School Journey

Andy Goldsworthy art work created by child from St Andrews School

Cardfields welcomed back St Andrew’s (Barnsbury) C.E. School.

The children arrived on Monday morning ready for a fun packed programme,  trying their hands at new skills, enjoying the great outdoors and learning to be independent away from home. They got stuck in straight away,  learning orienteering and navigation skills then during the afternoon organising their bedrooms, making their own beds and building new friendship groups.

During their stay the children had the opportunity to take part in many activities such as:

  • Canoeing along the River Chelmer
  • Archery and Trebuchet within the grounds provided one of our key partners X Adventure
  • Orienteering to Heather Hills on a 6 mile hike
  • Shelter building in the woods
  • Pondy dipping – identifying insects and their habitats
  • Gardening – sowing seeds, making their own flower pots, rotavating
  • BMX biking – learning how to ride a bike and challenging themselves on the intermediate track
  • Star gazing around the camp fire
  • Andy Goldsworthy art creations
  • Team challenges and much more..

The school had amazing, unforgettable week and memories were made!

Headteacher Mrs Felicity Djerehe stated ” A huge thank you to everyone who made our week such a success for our Year 6 children. They all had a wonderful time due in no small part because of the kindness shown to them by the staff at Cardfields. Many of our chidlren have experienced huge trauma in their lives, and adults showing them kindness is not always the norm (apart from us at school of course!). The activities were enjoyable and fun as well as educational. The chidlren all grew up during the five days they spent at Cardfields  – many of them had not been away from home before. They were well-fed and well looked after – the rooms were comfortable and warm and the children felt safe – as well as challenged in what they were asked to do in each activity…

We had lots of laughter together and we are looking forward to bringing our chidlren to Cardfields next year!”

To book your school journey pleass contact Cardfields.