Outstanding school at Cardfields for 2019 – Montem Primary School

Cardfields is pleased to announce that Montem Primary School has been nominated “Outstanding” school journey for 2019!

The school journey was a success with the young people showing the most enthusiasm for learning outside the classroom. They were very keen to learn new skills, showed a level of independence and were fully engaged in all activities such as:

  • Orienteering – learning how to read a¬†compass
  • Orienteering to Heather Hills
  • Shelter building
  • Bug hunt
  • Gardening – preparing the ground and planting bulbs
  • BMX Biking
  • Screen printing
  • Bush Craft – building small camp fires and cooking toast
  • Andrew Goldsworthy Natural sculptures (photo attached of amazing art work produced)
  • Observational drawing
  • Pond dipping and identifying insects
  • Team challenges
  • Soft Archery

The young people also showed their caring side when rescuing two trapped birds! (check out our Instagram page)

Pupils and teachers who attended are a credit to Montem Primary School with exceptional manners and respect for each other.  Cardfields team had an amazing and joyous time working with them all.

We look forward to growing more memories with Montem Primary School and we would like to congratulate you all.