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Memories made for Childs Hill Primary School

Group of children standing in circle in Wellies

Childs Hill Primary School was once again welcomed to Cardfields for a fun-packed week of learning outside the classroom.

Their school journey started with making themselves at home and exploring the facilities.  The group also learnt new skills such as:

  • Orienteering using a compass
  • Hiking 6 miles to the Heather Hills and enjoying the Essex countryside
  • Shelter building within the woods
  • Designing and making a lantern
  • Clay modelling
  • BMX biking
  • Andrew Goldsworthy natural sculptures
  • Screen printing
  • Pond dipping
  • Being independent as well as working within a team
  • Team challenges and much more…

Childs Hill Primary School had an amazing, unforgettable week.

To book your school journey contact Cardfields.