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Memories made at Cardfields for Childs Hill School

Photo of children's legs in a circle

It was an absolute joy and pleasure to spend a week with amazing young people from Childs Hill Primary School who showed such enthusiasm and creativity during their stay at Cardfields.

The young people had the opportunity of taking part in many outdoor activities in the beautiful Essex countryside such as:

  • Learning how to read a compass and orienteering in the grounds at Cardfields
  • BMX Biking – young people having the opportunity of learning how to ride a bike
  • Pond studying and identifying insects in the laboratory
  • Animal clay modelling creating their own creatures
  • Observational drawing in the grounds
  • Learning a new skill trying their hand at soft archery
  • Mini Olympics within the grounds
  • Design and technology in creating paper lanterns
  • Andrew Goldsworthy Natural SculptureĀ – creating sculptures using the natural environment
  • Using their orienteering skills (compass and map reading) navigating their way to Heather Hills on a 6-mile hike
  • Shelter building and bug hunting in the woods enjoying the outdoors
  • Visit from our local farmer and their dog Pip
  • Campfire under the stars on bonfire night
  • Learning to be independent, making new friends, and lots of memories!

To book your school journey please contact Cardfields direct.