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Gillespie Primary School Adventure to Cardfields


Gillespie Primary School returned to Cardfields for a fun-filled activity week with exciting, happy, smiling young people including the Headteacher who is happy with the upgrade renovations and changes to Cardfields.

The young people are looking forward to an eventful week away learning new skills, making new friends, and gaining wonderful memories.

A fun pack activity week includes:

  • Orienteering – learning how to read a compass
  • Walk to Heather Hills – enjoying the beautiful Essex countryside and learning about the environment
  • BMX Biking – to either learn how to ride a bike or try their skills at the advance track
  • Team challenges – work together as a team and build on their confidence
  • X Adventure – learning new skills Archery, Trebuchet and Canoeing along the River Chelmer
  • with many more activities…

Please check out our school page to see what is available for all visiting schools.

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