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Gap in our history at Cardfields

Child on horse

Cardfields recently welcomed an unexpected visitor to the house who provided us with fantastic childhood memories and the history of the house and surrounding areas.

Lucy Davies-Coward filled a gap in Cardfields family history –┬áThe Davies family purchased the house from Norman Butler family in 1964 after leaving New York on The Queen Mary in 1963.

The Davies family lived at Cardfields for five years and then sold this on to Inner London Education Authority where today the house provides young people and visiting groups the opportunity to visit and stay at a Victorian house and enjoy the surrounding beautiful Essex countryside for their school journey or weekend getaway.

More information about the Davies family can be found on our history page. The picture shows Lucy on her pony called Sorrel in the bottom field.

We thank Lucy and her family for the fond memories!

Cardfields continues to grow memories for those who visit.